As the costs of running your sports team keep rising, and funding for sports teams keeps falling, sports team fundraisers become more and more important every season. When you are trying to think of the best possible sports team fundraiser ideas, obviously you'll want to consider your monetary goals and the what sort of effort will be required to reach them. There's also the question of enjoyment - you want fundraiser ideas that people will actually like doing.

If you are looking for some classic sports team fundraising ideas that will help your team toward its goals, the Parade of Magazines fundraiser is an idea that has a lot of power. You don't have to worry about popularity, because people always like magazines, and in fact many people like to have several subscriptions in their offices as well as their homes. With the Parade of Magazines fundraiser, your supporters get big discounts from the cover prices of the subscriptions they order, and with it being a pre-sell fundraiser idea, there is no upfront investment required of the team.

Scratch cards are another great sports team fundraiser idea, but the concept behind them is a bit different. Scratch cards work as a direct sales fundraiser, so rather than taking orders for products, you just purchase the cards upfront and sell them as you go along, keeping any profit you make. As sports team fundraiser ideas go, scratch cards are a pretty simple concept, as your supporters simply scratch off two of fifty covered dots on the card, and donate to the team the amount they have uncovered.

Sports team fundraiser ideas come in all shapes and sizes to suit any size of group and any kind of monetary goal. Have a look through our sports team fundraiser ideas pages to get an idea of just how wide the selection is, and start looking forward to having a successful fundraiser.