Flower Bulb Fundraisers are becoming one of the most popular fundraising options for groups of all sizes. There's good reason for its growth too.

Lots of groups are either wanting to sell something besides food items or want alternatives to cookie dough fundraisers or candy fundraisers. Many school districts are banning food fundraisers altogether.

While our opinion is that the obesity issue with school age children is not caused by fundraising at all but in the lack of physical activity, many groups have chosen to seek other fundraising products. We will leave that discussion for another forum.

For groups that are looking for alternative fundraising programs flower bulbs are an extremely attractive option.

There are different flower bulb fundraisers for the spring and the fall. The spring programs offer bulbs that you plant in the spring and that will bloom in the fall. The fall program is the exact opposite with bulbs that you plant in the fall and will bloom in the spring. Obviously both programs contain different flower bulbs.

Most programs offer a strong selection of price points and options. Prices can be as low as $5 for an item and can go as high as $30 depending on the number and type of bulbs. Surprisingly the most expensive item in our last two flower bulb programs were the best sellers.

The great thing about flower bulbs sales are the high profits and attractive product brochures. People are naturally attracted to beautiful flowers and most brochures come with very good photos.

Spring time seems to be the best time of year for flower bulb fundraisers although fall campaigns work well too. It seems like more people are selling food and dessert items in the fall when they hope to capitalize on Thanksgiving and the other winter holiday events.

So if you plan on holding a spring fundraiser you should definitely consider selling fundraising flower bulbs this year.