If you have a child of school age who is involved in any kind of activity at all, be it music or sports or some kind of club, you can pretty much count on having do do some kind of youth fundraising at some point. In fact, it's possible you will be asked to manage the entire effort, which can fill you with anxiety if you don't even know where to begin. But choosing activities and getting people organized is nothing to be worried about - as long as you make some effort to do some research, you should be able to organize a successful youth fundraising effort fairly easily.

Youth fundraising is not very difficult, but on the other hand you don't want to walk into it with no preparation. You'll need to get a few things down on paper so that you can get everything else straight in your head. You already know that your main goal is to raise money, but do you know exactly how much? Different fundraising ideas are aimed at different levels of profit and different sizes of groups, so depending on what level of profit you need and how many people are on your fundraiser team, this may affect what sorts of products and activities you consider.

After you figure out your monetary aims, matching your group's personality and needs to the right activity is the most important step. Youth fundraising is some of the most common fundraising around, so you should hit the jackpot by browsing through our fundraising ideas, reading up each one, and deciding which one works well for your group.

After that initial effort, the rest is pretty straightforward - look through our wide range of youth fundraising activities, and familiarize yourself with the benefits of each one. If you have any questions or are still confused about something, simply contact your fundraising consultant for the best advice on how to choose the fundraiser that is right for you and your group.