Producing your school's yearbook is a daunting task. There's a tremendous amount of information that needs assembling, editing, and layout, and it requires a lot of people and a lot of time.

In addition to the human resources needed, printing up yearbooks isn't free - you need the right software, perhaps some professional assistants, and of course the whole thing will have to be sent off to be printed.

The costs of the yearbooks themselves will cover some of what is needed, but yearbook fundraising is a great way to get extra money in to help get everything else covered, as well.

Yearbook fundraising can seem like an uphill battle, because the yearbook production team is often small. Does this mean you don't have any hope of making a lot of money? A successful fundraiser is certainly possible with a small fundraising team, but you do have to go about things in the right way.

Choosing the right fundraiser is essential, and you'll want to look at yearbook fundraising activities that have low or no minimum orders. In addition, you'll want to select something where the profits are relatively high, so that whatever effort you can make is used to full advantage.

Yearbook fundraising ideas can be anything from scratch cards and other direct sale activites, to brochure-based pre-sale fundraisers. You'll want to be careful with selecting a brochure fundraiser, as they all have different minimum order requirements, and you don't want to extend past what you can reasonably achieve, and end up with your profits eaten by shipping charges.

Have a look through our yearbook fundraising ideas and see which ones fit with your team's goals and personality. Talk it over with the members of your team - people will have opinions about which ideas they like best, and you can start narrowing down your choices from there.