People may not really stop to think about it, but fundraising is really a very seasonal thing. The main fundraising seasons are usually in the Fall and Winter. That is when schools are in session, sports leagues are active, church groups have high attendance and most all other fundraising groups are active.

The summer, though, is the slowest time of year because of the number of summer fundraiser ideas available to groups is seriously limited because of the temperatures outside. With high temperatures it is difficult, dangerous and sometimes impossible to ship candy ? especially chocolate candy.

The total product fundraising market has been estimated to be more than four billion dollars annually. Of that extremely large total, candy and chocolate candy fundraising makes up at least 25 percent of the total. That is an extremely large percentage of any industry and it grinds to a screeching halt in the summer time.

If you go to the desert southwest, Florida and other parts of the deep south, candy is not only eliminated as a summer fundraising idea, candy shipments might be available only six months out of the rest of the year.

So what do you do?

Consider all non-perishable items like lollipop fundraisers, scratch card fundraisers and discount card fundraisers. There is enormous opportunity for high profits in this group of summer fundraisers. All of these products can be shipped at any time of the year since they are not affected by even normal summer temperatures. All of the items have long shelf lives so will not ruin or spoil quickly or at all.

For non-product summer fundraiser ideas, consider holding a car wash. Summer is the time when people spend the most amount of time outside. It is historically the best time of year for a car wash to raise the money you need.