If you are helping organize a local chapter of a breast cancer 3 day fundraising walk, obviously the first thing you think of in terms of money-making is the pledges that the walkers will be bringing in.

Pledges are important, of course, but there are so many more opportunities for raising money at a walk.

You can use any number of ideas as supplementary fundraising for the walk, and in turn that can really bring in a lot of extra cash for the cause. Fundraising booths are often overlooked as possibilities at breast cancer 3 day fundraising walks. There will be many people, both walkers and supporters, who will be mingling and wandering around, looking for things to do or see or eat. This is a grand opportunity for you to take advantage of supportive people who are there to spend more at the breast cancer walk.

Get some booths set up with all kinds of small fundraisers, so that the supporters who came to support the cause can do what they came to do. As far as the focus goes of fundraising booths at your breast cancer 3 day fundraising walk, you can do anything you want to, really - some have a few booths with food and drinks, with another section for more fun things like scratch cards. Scratch cards are particularly useful, because even the walkers can carry them around..

You may even set up a table or two with catalog fundraisers. It all depends on how you have your walk set up. As you can see, there's really no limit to the amount of things you can have going at a breast cancer 3 day fundraising walk, and it certainly makes sense to maximize profits as much as you possibly can.

Every time the people attending your event have a free moment, you want them to be spending that moment digging deep and helping to fund cancer research. People who attend breast cancer 3 day fundraising walks are already in the mindset to be helpful, so give them every opportunity to do that.