The senior class fundraiser may be one of the last fundraisers that these students do in high school, if not the absolute last. You want them to do well with their fundraiser, because you want them to have everything they need for their final year at school.

In other words, you're going to need some great senior class fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling, so that they can have the best possible senior year. Prom, class trips, and graduation ceremonies cost money, and having a successful fundraiser can be the key to making sure all these things happen with style.

So what are the best senior class fundraising ideas out there? Well, if you want to stick with tradition, you can't get more classic than a chocolate bar fundraiser. Chocolate is still one of the most popular fundraisers, simply because chocolate itself never stops being popular. And, if your plan is to conduct the fundraiser on school grounds, even better. You'll have to get permission from the school office, naturally, but if you can let the seniors sell chocolate during lunch periods or after school, you can get some great profits rolling in. Add pep rallies to the mix, and it gets even better.

There are plenty of other senior class fundraising ideas if you don't want to do sweet snacks. Scratch card fundraisers are a great way for the class to raise a good deal of money in a very short time, and the profits on scratch cards are through the roof. Supporters simply scratch off two of fifty covered dots on the card, and that is the suggested amount of their donation. This works great with family members and neighbors, and often people are generous and round their donation up, giving these kinds of senior class fundraising ideas even more earning power.