A lot of times, the word "fundraiser" fills people with dread. They imagine a lot of stress and headaches, the chaos of a group of people who all have differing opinions, and general mayhem. But just because past fundraisers you've been involved with have been like that, doesn't mean all of them have to be.

If you are a veteran of swim team fundraisers, for example, you may have experienced in the past the issues around working with a small team, or the difficulties trying to raise funds for a sport that is not always as visible as football or basketball.

While these are certainly concerns, there are also pretty easy solutions to get around them. The first step is getting organized ahead of time, assessing your strong points and concerns as a fundraising team, and setting some concrete goals. Decide exactly how much money you need, and work out exactly how many people will be volunteering to help.

Once you have this information, it's a lot easier to choose appropriate swim team fundraisers that will help propel you to those goals.

If you do have a smaller team or even individual swimmers who are raising money, you'll probably want to stick with swim team fundraisers that can bring in a high level of profit, with little or no risk. Discount fundraising cards are a good idea, and they can easily be turning into a fundraiser that you can repeat every year, as your supporters start looking forward to receiving their new card.

Scratch card fundraisers work well, too, and since each supporter gets a sheet of valuable coupons in exchange for their generosity, everyone wins. Both of these swim team fundraisers are very high profit, with low minimums and no shipping charges. Just order your cards, distribute them, and you keep the profit. It really couldn't be easier.