It's likely that if you are in charge of this year's swim team fundraising effort, you might be feeling a little bit nervous about how it's all going to turn out. After all, the pressure is on you to get it right, isn't it? Really though, running a fundraiser is not all that difficult, and in fact your anxiety about it is probably more difficult to handle than the fundraiser itself.

Swim fundraising is all about good ideas and a positive attitude. We have plenty of great ideas to get you started, so all you need to bring with you is a positive outlook and a team of enthusiastic swimmers.

Remind yourself from time to time that swim team fundraising is going to be fun. Not only will you be making great strides toward your financial goals, but you'll also be helping the team to understand the full implications of what teamwork is all about. It's an enjoyable social bonding experience for them, it increases awareness within the school, and swim team fundraising is of course the best way to make the money you need.

Stumbling across the perfect swim team fundraising idea can be the tricky part, but that's where we come in. Once you've figured out how much money you need and how many people will be helping you out, you can look at our wide range of swim team fundraising activities and see which ones match up to your needs and goals.

Some ideas work better for small teams or individuals; if you are lucky enough to have a large team, then the sky is really the limit for which fundraisers you can choose.

Have a look through our top swim team fundraising ideas, and you will start to get an idea about how these ideas can be translated into profit for your team. Call your fundraising consultant if you have any further questions.