Tennis may not get as much attention as other high school sports like football or basketball, but nonetheless it's an important sport, and a great way for kids to keep in shape, build self esteem, and learn the benefits of healthy competition.

But playing tennis is not free, and it can seem more difficult to raise money for tennis players than for other sports.

Tennis does not usually have the benefit of pep rallies or cheerleaders, so how do you go about raising awareness - and money - for the sport? Basically it's up to you to come up with some good tennis fundraising ideas, so that the season can go a lot more smoothly and without worry.

Tennis fundraisers tend to differ from fundraisers for larger groups, because although the goal is still to make as much money as possible, the team sizes are different, and the supporters can have different tastes. If this is going to be a fundraiser associated with a high school tennis team, you'll want to consider the role of students as supporters, if at all possible.

Chocolate fundraising bars can be a great tennis fundraising idea, as kids love chocolate (and adults do too, let's face it). And with chocolate bar prices starting at just one dollar, it's pretty easy to get a fundraiser going that has very decent profit potential.

If you can get permission for the players to sell the chocolate fundraising bars on campus during breaks and lunch, then you probably have a winning idea there. If you'd rather stay away from sugary snacks, you can always go for something like scratch cards. Scratch card fundraisers are easy for the players to carry around, they're easy for everyone to understand, and there's no real product distribution to worry about. Just get supporters to scratch two dots off the card, and then they make their donation.

As far as tennis fundraising ideas go, it really couldn't be easier.