The state of Texas finds itself smack in the middle of the Bible belt, that predominately Christian swath of land that stretches across the waist of the United States. The state also finds itself host to one of the biggest football playing populations in the country. Continuing down this chain, where you find football you typically find cheerleaders to cheer them to victory.

Cheerleading camps have become a staple for most cheerleaders and have sprouted up around the country, and the state. But what do you do when you want your cheerleader to have a strong Christian influence while they are away at camp. A number of camps have been established to fulfill just this need.

Cheerleading Camps With a Christian Perspective

Some camps have been set up with a foundation of Christianity that cover a wide range of activities including cheerleading, basketball, snorkeling, drama, and more. Camp Buckner in Burnett, TX is a camp of this type. They have one week and two week sessions throughout the summer months.

Another camp, which has a much more specific focus, Cross Cheer, is located in Dallas, TX. The camp is purely a cheer camp and does not offer other activities. This is the kind of camp that you send your cheerleader to if she is serious about cheering. But you also want her to be serious about God and Jesus Christ. Every camp is begun with a prayer. Cross Cheer is a day camp and offers birthday party packages year round.