Ask anyone what the top priority is for your school's fundraiser, and the answer will be obvious: to make money, to help supplement the tight budgets and funding cuts that most schools face these days. And it's true, you do want to make as much money as possible with your school's fundraiser, that's for sure. But this can actually be a way to help achieve several things at the same time. When people use teamwork and a concentrated effort to reach a common goal, things like a school's fundraiser can turn into much more than just a way to make money - it can become a way for the people involved to be closer and stronger as a network of individuals supporting the school.

The team that assembles to organize the school's fundraiser is very important to the school, and it represents a group of people whose main focus as a whole is to make the educational environment better for the kids. The fundraiser, therefore, is a way to ensure that the school gets everything it needs and that the kids in turn have the best possible learning situation. If the members of the school's fundraiser team understand just how important their work is, it can help build enthusiasm for the project, and solidarity among the people participating.

Enthusiasm can be contagious, so more often than not excitement about the school's fundraiser gets passed on to the kids, who can learn a valuable lesson about how money is used to buy the things they need, and how teamwork can be an important factor in making the school's fundraiser a success. Use this momentum to build on, and before you know it, you will be watching your school's fundraiser transform from a mere money-making exercise, into a mammoth team effort that brings people together and teaches many lifelong lessons in the process.