When it comes time to start thinking about JROTC fundraising, obviously your top concern is profit. You want to make as much money for the corps as you possibly can, so that they can continue their work helping young men and women reach their goals.

But a lot of times, the necessity of money can cast some anxiety over the fundraising process, and pretty soon it becomes all about how much cash is coming in. Honestly, this is probably the worst way you can start out your JROTC fundraising effort.

A positive attitude toward your fundraiser is a lot more likely to result in higher profits, so it's time to start thinking about all the ways that your fundraiser will affect the corps in a positive way. One of the core values of JROTC is teamwork. Trainees are encouraged to learn how to pursue their own ambitions within the context of the greater goals of the corps, and they are taught to balance their own goals within those of the group.

JROTC fundraising simply gives them another opportunity to exercise what they have learned in this capacity, as fundraising is nothing if not a team effort made up of the efforts of individuals. Getting everyone to work together on the fundraiser can be a lot easier with JROTC than with other groups, because they already understand how the process of working together can benefit them directly.

You can also use the spirit of friendly competition to get the most profit out of your JROTC fundraising. If you divide your fundraising team into smaller sub-teams, or even let the individual team members compete against each other for the highest fundraising amounts, you'll be surprised at how quickly the numbers start rising.

And the best part is that with competitions within JROTC fundraising, everyone wins in the end.