Maybe you already have a student in the school marching band, and in that case you already know that a band fundraiser is simply part of that life. Band is not the cheapest thing to be involved with, because instruments and uniforms come at a premium. Schools fund what they can, but these days it's mostly up to the marching bands themselves to have a band fundraiser to make up the difference in what the school can't provide.

If you're now in charge of the band fundraising, maybe you're a bit worried about how it's all going to work out. But there's no need for concern, as you have a really fine fundraising team built into the project. When you think about it, a band fundraiser has a lot of advantages over other fundraisers, because the people doing the selling have some of the most magnetic and interesting personalities out there. Band members make very capable salespeople, and that fact should give you a lot of confidence about where your band fundraiser is headed.

You can help the band members become even more motivated by making them aware of just how much those funds will help them as a group. It helps a lot if they understand that the band fundraiser is what makes it possible for them to have things like newer instruments, better uniforms, and the ability to pay to enter competitions.

Keeping morale high within your fundraising team is one of the most important factors of success, so keep the atmosphere light and fun. Don't put too much emphasis on what will happen if the band fundraiser isn't a success - instead, talk as if it already is on its way to being a success, because that is, after all, the most likely outcome of your great fundraising idea!