A school trip at the end of the year can be one of the things the kids look forward to the most. If your group or class is planning a big school trip, one of the obvious issues is how the trip will be paid for. Sure, you could ask that each of the parents pay for their own child, but this can put an unfair disadvantage on the kids coming from lower-income families, and can pressure parents unnecessarily. If you want to put everyone on equal ground and relieve parents from the stress of worrying about the school trip, a school trip fundraiser can be the answer to everyone's problems.

A school trip fundraiser is one of the most enjoyable fundraisers to organize, because the kids get really excited about it. More than with other school fundraisers, they understand that their school trip fundraiser will benefit them directly, in the sense that if they come up with the requisite amount of money, then they get to have an amazing school trip. This can be a huge motivational factor for a school trip fundraiser, which is great because it will translate into excitement about the fundraiser itself, which will in turn translate into higher sales. There aren't many people out there who would say no to a kid who's giddy with excitement about their school trip fundraiser.

You can even introduce an element of friendly competition in order to help make the most of your school trip fundraiser. Giving cool prizes to the kids who raise the most for the school trip fundraiser is one idea, or you can even give the entire class a treat if they reach certain percentages of the overall goal within certain time frames. This can help keep everyone focused on the school trip fundraiser even in the middle stages when things can drag a little bit. Keeping the excitement in your school trip fundraiser is one of the keys to making the most out of it.