When you're in the organizing stages of planning your breast cancer fundraising, there are a lot of things to think about. There's the size of your fundraising team, the amount of money you want to make with your cancer fundraising, and the time frame you're aiming for. These things can all put a lot of pressure on you as a fundraising organizer, but the one thing that ties all these issues together is your fundraising products. You want to choose the best fundraising ideas for your fundraising team, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

The key is knowing what products would benefit you the most, and taking advantage of that. For example, if you have a small group that needs to raise a modest amount of money, it doesn't make any sense to go for a huge catalogue fundraiser product with high minimums and profit-slicing shipping costs. It may sound like a wonderful project to be involved in, but you probably won't feel so great about it when you get slapped with fees and shipping charges for not being able to make the minimum order number. Instead, you should probably go for the fundraising products that are specifically designed to help smaller groups reach their financial goals. Things like pizza fundraising cards have up to a 90% profit margin, which is perfect for small groups, and you don't have to buy a large number of cards to get started.

If you have a big fundraising team, you may be worried about how you're going to handle such a large effort for your fundraiser. But with the right breast cancer fundraising products, we end up doing most of the work for you. Pretzel fundraisers are perfect for large groups, and we'll send you all the order forms and product catalogues you need for your breast cancer fundraising products. All you have to do is take orders and collect the money for your breast cancer fundraising products, send the product cost money to us, and you are left with your profits. We'll process your orders and get your breast cancer fundraising products out to you as soon as we receive your payment.