Church youth group fundraising is nothing less than a necessity these days, and the need for it grows with every passing year. Youth groups are enthusiastic and enjoy a wide range of activities, all of which cost money in terms of supplies, travel, or even equipment. You need to consider the goals of the youth group, and how much money it will take for them to get where they want to be, but money is not the only aspect of coming up with good fundraising ideas.

You also want the kids to have fun, and to come away with a positive feeling about what fundraising entails, and how a team effort can produce amazing results. Magazine fundraisers may seem like an odd choice for church youth group fundraising ideas, but when you think about it, it's a success story waiting to happen. Even in this electronic age, magazines remain as popular as ever, and you'll struggle to find a home or business that doesn't have at least one running subscription. When you choose magazines, your supporters get a great deal, and there's no upfront investment required from you, as this is a pre-sale activity with no money necessary up front.

Scratch cards can be a great way for the youth group to maximize profits, especially if your fundraising team is smaller than average. The concept couldn't be simpler - your supporters scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots on the card, and whatever amount they uncover is the suggested amount of their donation. Many supporters will be generous and round their donation up. These kinds of church youth group fundraising ideas can make up to 90% profit for your fundraising team, and because it's a direct sale fundraiser, once you have made the initial investment in the cards, all the profits go straight back to your group.