Raising money by selling Money Savings Cards is a perfect middle school fundraiser. By nature, middle school students are not the most skilled fund-raisers. Their sales pitch is usually scattered, the products they sell are boring, and their follow up is fair at best. Money Savings Cards can change that, though, for the better.

A Money Savings Card is exactly what it sounds like. It is a card that gives the buyer exclusive rights to online shopping discounts at hundreds of stores. Each card features a code on the back that the buyer uses to create a login account where he or she will receive updates and notices about various discounts at their favorite stores.

If your group decides they would like to sell the Money Savings Card for their next middle school fundraising campaign all you have to do is call your fundraising consultant. Within your group simply consider how many cards each person will be selling. Then call and place the order with your consultant. The Money Savings Cards do require an upfront cost; if you pay over the phone the cards will be sent out to you that day or the next.

There is no catch to selling these cards. Your group sells the cards for $10 each, but you pay less than that to receive them. Your customers get tons of savings for online shopping from stores they already love, and your group gets money for your middle school fundraiser. The bonus ? the card never expires, and it can be sold anywhere in the United States.

The Money Savings Cards are perfect for middle school students because they are so easy to sell, they are a brand new fundraising product that people will want to buy, and there is no need to follow up with each customer. For your next middle school fundraiser, consider selling Money Savings Cards.