Holding a middle school fundraiser can be a great way to show support for your school. If the school?s funds are a little low and you need to raise money for some new school equipment or books, then hosting some kind of fundraising effort is a fun way to earn money while having your middle school students get involved in a positive cause.

But before you get started in planning out your middle school fundraiser, you may want to consider when is the best time to start, since this will be an important factor in how successful it turns out to be. Of course you know that the day to day life of a school student or teacher is very busy.

Students will have classes for most hours of the day, and when they are not in classes, they are enjoying some well-earned time off during their breaks. And the teachers work even longer hours than the students, what with all the papers that need grading and preparations for the next day?s class. So with all this work going on, when exactly is the best time to hold a middle school fundraiser that everyone can get involved with?

A great time to think about holding a middle school fundraiser is at the end of the school year. The children will seem to be more eager to help out since they are already looking forward to their summer vacation. The teachers too, for that matter, will be happier to help out since they will have fewer papers to grade at the end of the year.

You could also choose to have your fundraiser right before the Christmas break - in that case, why not have a themed Christmas fundraiser to get everyone more excited about the holiday, and your students and faculty members will be more eager to help out.