Fundraising for youth groups isn't what it used to be. Back in the day, this was just something that the church did on occasion to fund a yearly trip, or pay for something special that the youth group needed. But these days, especially with the economy being what it is at the moment, more and more church youth groups need to host fundraising activities just to survive.

Even if they just want to have a weekly meet-up, that costs money, and of course that cash has to come from somewhere. So if you and the church think it's time to start organizing some fundraising ideas, you'll want to do the best job you can with the resources you have. And your biggest, best resource is right in front of you - the kids themselves.

You have an energetic, enthusiastic group of people on your fundraising team, and you definitely want to make the best possible use of that. People in the community are very eager to help out anything that will in turn help out the children, so you can work this to your advantage. If you go one step further and choose a great fundraiser idea, fundraising for youth groups can really be easy and fun. There is no end to what kinds of fundraisers might work well for you.

You could send the kids out with boxes of our $1 chocolate bars - that's always a winner. After all, who doesn't love chocolate? On the other hand, you could launch a bigger effort and go with catalogue fundraising for youth groups. If you have a smaller fundraising team, then you might want to stick to something with no minimums and high profit margins, like pizza cards or scratch cards. If you're having trouble deciding between all the fundraising for youth groups ideas out there, call up your fundraising consultant, who will give you all the advice you need to make the right choice for your group.