If you are looking for ways to maximize a cancer fundraising effort, you must have already figured out that cancer fundraising events are certainly a great way to do that. If you are the one organizing the event, you're probably concentrating on the ticket price of the cancer fundraiser, which is fine, but what about the peripheral opportunities for fundraising? You can optimize cancer fundraising events by adding in several other fundraising activities as supplements for the main attraction, and create cancer fundraising events that are as packed full of fundraising opportunities as possible.

Here's something to think about - your ticket holders are wandering around the venue for the cancer fundraising event, and what are they doing while they are wandering around? Why not give them something interesting to do while they walk around or mingle? Fundraising booths are perfect for this purpose, and can really broaden the scope of cancer fundraising events. You already know you have a venue full of supporters, so why not make the most of it? Set your fundraising booths up with smaller fundraising activities, and watch your profits of your cancer fundraising events soar.

What kinds of booths should you have at cancer fundraising events? There is no correct answer for this, and there aren't any strict rules. Direct sale fundraisers work pretty well at cancer fundraising events, because they are easy to implement. Anyone passing by can pick up a fundraising candy bar, try a scratch card fundraiser, or buy a fundraising lollipop, and then there's nothing leftover from the transaction but profit. No order forms, no delivery issues, just profits coming in to maximize cancer fundraising events

If you are currently in the process of organizing some cancer fundraising events, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of all the fundraising opportunities available to you. Have a look through our cancer fundraising pages, and decide exactly which products and activities would work well for your cancer fundraising events.