If you are at the place where you need to start thinking about youth fundraiser ideas for your church, sports team, or arts activity, it can be difficult to know how to get the ball rolling. But of course you will just have to buckle down and do this at some point if your group of kids, like so many others these days, is starting to rely more and more on fundraisers for that all-important income.

You want to know that the future of your group is certain, and if you just take charge and make it happen, then you'll feel a lot better about it. If you want to find the best youth fundraiser ideas to suit your group, you'll need to consider several things. Of course you want to choose something that goes well with your supporters and their needs, while also taking into consideration the goals and size of your fundraising team.

For example, catalog fundraisers are some of the oldest fundraisers, but they are still one of the best fundraising ideas. And these days the catalogs have branched out into more modern ideas, like the Go Green fundraiser that offers your supporters the chance to be environmentally conscious.

If the group you are trying to help is small or your fundraising team needs a boost, then it's probably best to be looking at youth fundraiser ideas that will return high profits. Scratch cards are certainly one of the best ideas for something like this. Scratch cards are not only easy to sell and distribute, they have a profit margin of up to 90%, which is pretty much the best you're going to find out there. There are also pizza cards and retail discount cards available, if scratch cards are not exactly what you had in mind. Regardless of your tastes, have a look through our pages of youth fundraiser ideas, and you're bound to find something that will work perfectly for your group.