People think that kindergarten is simple, that there's not much to it. They see it as a time when kids do a lot of playing, and not much else. But for those who are involved with the kindergarten classroom everyday, you know that's just not true.

Kindergarten is an incredibly enriching experience for young children, a time when they learn so many new things, make new friends, and prepare for the world of going to school. Keeping kids occupied all day means you need to have a variety of activities available for them, and that in turn means you need to be able to provide all the equipment and supplies required.

A kindergarten fundraiser can really help bring your finances in line, and help you get all the things your kindergarten classroom requires. Running a kindergarten fundraiser can be a little more complicated than other educational fundraising activities, simply because these kids are so young and can't really be expected to do most of the fundraising themselves. So it's time to get the parents involved, and of course sometimes that can be a challenge, as parents are busy people.

If you can have a meeting to discuss the kindergarten fundraiser, or at the very least send notes to all the parents explaining what is happening, you can help get the support you need to make your kindergarten fundraiser a success.

Flower bulb fundraising can be a nice kindergarten fundraiser, especially if you are doing your fundraising in the late winter or early spring. People are starting to think about their gardens, and bulbs that turn into beautiful flowers are always a popular choice. Also, flowers work well as a fundraising idea because going green is becoming such a mainstream way of life. It's a great way for your kindergarten to give something to the community and to the earth while getting the funds you need.