Swimming fundraising can be an uphill battle sometimes.

Aside from the fact that swimming does not get the same attention as football or basketball, swim teams are generally much smaller. In addition, many people may not understand what the point of swimming fundraising is, since it does not require "equipment" in the same way that other sports do.

Nonetheless, it's fairly easy to get a swimming fundraiser off the ground, as long as you get in the right frame of mind first and make your choices wisely.

Swim Fundraising Ideas

We have quite a few fundraising ideas that are perfect for swimmers, whether you are trying to raise money for a team, or even individual swimmers. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the swimmers themselves understand what the swimming fundraising effort is about. A lot of times when kids participate in sports, they don't give too much thought to the costs involved. Competitive swimming involves travel, which of course involves having the money to travel.

If your swim team is lucky enough to qualify for state or national meets, that travel can get expensive very quickly. Flights or buses, hotels, and food are all things that have to be considered, but even if you are just competing in your local area, there are still facility fees and local travel to worry about.

There is a formula to choosing a swimming fundraising activity that will work for your team or your swimmer. You'll need to keep a close eye on shipping charges, minimum order requirements, and how much money you're willing to put into your fundraiser upfront.

Pre-sale fundraisers can be great for those who can't afford an initial investment, but may be tricky in terms of minimums. Direct sale fundraisers can be high on profit with low or no shipping charges, but of course there's that initial investment to make. Have a look through our swimming fundraising choices and see what might work for you.