If all your previous experiences with school fundraisers have only been in a sales role, then you may not fully appreciate yet the complex challenges of working on school fundraisers from the organizational side. Organizing a school fundraiser is an entirely different thing from just participating in one, and many first-time organizers underestimate the stress and anxieties involved in working on school fundraisers.

That's not to say that working on school fundraisers isn't fun. It's very exciting and rewarding work, and once the kids get involved, it's all fun from there. The tricky part is right at the beginning, when you're first starting on school fundraiser planning. You need to get your numbers right the first time, and everything else should go pretty smoothly from there.

The key to working successfully on school fundraisers is to define clearly your goals and the resources you have available to meet those goals. How much money do you need - not a ballpark figure, but exactly? You want to figure this out ahead of time, as expenses you hadn't taken into account have a way of creeping up after it's too late. Also, how many people are on your sales team? Knowing these two numbers, you will start to understand what amount of responsibility will be placed on school fundraisers, and how much each person will be expected to do.

Then comes the fun part of working on school fundraisers - picking a product, and getting started. We have a wide range of school fundraisers to suit any kind of group, club, or team. It doesn't matter how many people you have or how much money you're aiming to raise, with a clear target in mind and an appropriate school fundraiser activity, your progress on school fundraisers is sure to come on by leaps and bounds.