There are many types of fundraisers. No matter what type of fundraiser you and your group choose to start, there is one question that you must ask - how much will this cost?

In fact, that is usually the most important factor when choosing a fundraiser - you need to choose a fundraiser that reflects your financial status as it stands, with the knowledge that it will surely improve!

The cost of fundraising will always involve time and effort, but the amount of money your group spends is up to you.

Money to Spend:

You have to spend money to make money. If your group can operate under this philosophy then you are ready to invest in a Direct Sale fundraiser. A Direct Sale fundraiser is defined by the fact that you have the product on-hand to give to customers when they pay. Examples of this include candy, lollipop, and discount card fundraisers.

You are often required to pay for the products up-front in order to receive them, and you sell them once they arrive. Your profit is determined by the amount you order. The more you buy the more profit you will make. In most cases, as you buy more cases, your price per case decreases - which brings even more profit!

No Money:

Many times groups have no money - which is exactly why they need to start a fundraiser. There are plenty of fundraisers that offer no up-front cost. Most fundraisers like this fall into the category of Pre-Sell. Unlike a Direct Sale fundraiser, you do not have the product with you as you sell.

When you have no money to spend on a fundraiser, your best bet is to do a brochure fundraiser. You request enough brochures for your group which feature different products for customers to purchase. After the fundraiser is over you simply turn in a portion of your profits to pay for the products. Your group keeps the other part of the profits, and the fundraiser is complete! Fundraising is possible no matter your financial circumstance.

After you've asked yourself what the cost of fundraising will be, you just have to decide which product you will sell - and you're well on your way to making money for your group!