The drama club is one of the most misunderstood clubs in school. On the surface, it looks to outsiders like there's not much to it, but if you're in the club yourself, you know that a tremendous amount of time and effort goes into costumes, sets, makeup, and getting prepared for performances. And of course, all of these things cost money - lots of money.

Ticket prices are usually low enough to allow students to purchase them easily, so the income from that rarely covers costs. More and more drama departments are turning to drama club fundraising to make up the difference.

Drama club fundraising is important even if you think your club is not particularly desperate for money at the moment. You never know when props are going to break, when things will need replacing, and so forth, and a functioning drama club should have an emergency fund to cover all eventualities. You can easily run a fundraiser once a year and come up with enough money to keep the club afloat, and coming up with good drama club fundraising ideas probably isn't as hard as you think.

If you were to choose something like fundraising candy, for example, there are many ways you can make this kind of drama club fundraising work. First off, there's just regular sales, during the day, during lunch periods, whenever. If you can get permission to sell on school grounds, that's even better.

But with drama club, there's also the opportunity to keep your fundraiser going at performances. If there's an intermission, you can have someone mingling through the crowd with chocolate then. You can even have tables set up outside the auditorium to catch people going in and out.

If you're interested in effective drama club fundraising, have a look at our top fundraisers, and see what kind of products would match up well with your group.