High school is one of the times in your child's life when they develop a whole host of emotional, social, and cognitive skills that they will carry on with them in later life. A lot depends on extracurricular activities as well as classes - they learn just as much in team sports and clubs sometimes as they do in classes! These activities are an important part of what high school development is about, and it is important to keep the clubs going strong. But with budget cuts and funding problems being what they are, high school fundraisers are becoming a way of life for most of these extracurricular activities.

You may be worried, then, that if your high school fundraising does not go as well as you hoped, you will be letting the kids down in more ways than one. But high school fundraisers don't have to be all about the serious issues of raising money. In fact, they are a fantastic opportunity to show the kids that teamwork and effort lead to success, and that keeping a positive attitude is essential for reaching any goal.

Involving the kids in their high school fundraisers right from the beginning is a great idea, and it will help them feel like they are an integral part of their own financial success (because they are!). The energy that high school kids have is both endless and contagious, and that means they make very convincing salespeople. It's not hard to see how this will translate into success for high school fundraisers, and you should use their energy as a springboard to get the entire effort on the right track.

So think of high school fundraisers as perfect opportunities to get the kids involved in a team effort that will make a direct difference in their high school lives. They will begin to understand how money shapes the activities they can participate in, and when they make an effort to help raise that money themselves, high school fundraisers become a source of pride as well as a source of cash.