There is a new fundraiser on the market called Money Savings Cards ?and it is sure to be the best preschool fundraiser that your school does this year!

What is a Money Savings Card?

A money savings card is a $10 card that your group sells to customers. When they buy the card they are purchasing a membership to a special online savings club. They can use the username and login code on the back of their card to go online and find hundreds of special discounts and coupons to their favorite stores.

How do we get started?

In order to start selling the money savings cards you just need to call a fundraising consultant. This preschool fundraising idea will require an upfront cost; the price you pay per card is determined by how many cards you purchase. The more cards you buy the higher profit you make for your school.

What is the benefit?

Besides the obvious benefit of savings and discounts, your group will probably do better with this fundraiser than any other. The money savings card does not expire. The card is also not specific to any one location. You can sell the card to anyone in the United States; and because there is no product to deliver, there is no need to contact a customer after the card is sold.

Your preschool will love selling these cards. You can offer these to parents as a way to raise money for the entire school. You can also let parents sell them to help raise money for tuition, or to help cover extra expenses like field trips.