The hardest part of adoption fundraising is finding just the right program for your family. There are lots of great fundraisers available, but they usually include a high minimum, a shipping fee, or something other hindrance. Now there is a fundraiser available that has all the perks and none of the set-backs.

The money savings card fundraiser is the newest program. Your family purchases cards that they can sell for $10 each. Upon purchasing the card, the buyer can go online with the information on the back of the card, to login to a lifetime membership to a savings club. They will receive notices about discounts and coupons when they shop at their favorite online stores. But what is so great about this? Why is this fundraiser better than others?

--No refrigerated items.

When you use food items for your adoption fundraiser you often face the obstacle of finding freezer space for all of the items while you get them passed out to your customers. You also have to get it delivered quickly before it spoils. The beauty of the money savings cards is that once your customer has purchased the card there is no follow up, or passing out later. They buy the card, you give it to them, and you are done.

--No expiration date.

Even with some of the other card programs there is a bit of a time crunch because of expiration dates. Money savings cards never expire, so there is no nee to rush and get them all sold before a certain time. You can sell then as soon as you get them, or buy them and wait for a certain time or event.

--No location boundaries.

Most fundraisers can only be done in certain areas. You are restricted to your hometown and surrounding areas due to the fact that the items have to be passed out after the items are delivered, or because the stores involved are only in your town. Money savings cards can be used anywhere in the United States. Out of town relatives and friends now have a chance to help with your adoption fundraiser.