Although church expansion and purchase of more property may not be in your church's agenda, the time will come someday when it will be necessary. Will you be ready and know what to do? In the following steps this article will explain, from a church administrator's perspective, the process involved in such a decision.

1. Research

First, make a file that will hold your findings and notes. If you don't keep records, you risk losing details that may be helpful in the future.

Next, investigate the real estate market. A realtor can be helpful in explaining local sale prices and establishing a fair market value. Then you will want to find out who the surrounding property owners are. This is available at the property appraiser's office (sometimes called the 'assessor's office'). Only after these inquiries are made, should you consider placing an offer on a neighboring lot.

2. Authorization

If you decide to make an offer on a property, you will need the approval and authorization of the church board. Present them with your proposition, and if you gain their approval, get the secretary to draft a 'corporate resolution authorizing the purchase of property'.

There are some particular things that should be included in this document:

  • The name of the person who is chosen to make the offer and 'sign the contract of purchase'.
  • The financial terms for purchase.
  • The description of the proposed property and its street address.
  • Verification that the purchase does not disagree with any governing documents of the church.
  • The signature of each board member, president, and secretary present.