If your church's facilities are woefully outdated and you need some money from church building fund raising to construct a new hall or refurbish existing buildings, these are things that take a lot of money, and that can be scary. Church fund raising may require a lot more work than other kinds of fund raising, and if you're the one in charge of organizing the effort, you may feel anxious, discouraged, or even a little frightened at the long and arduous road ahead of you.

But think of it this way: the whole reason you are doing this church fundraising is because your church is moving up in the world. Maybe you need a larger hall because your congregation is growing by leaps and bounds. That's a good thing! Perhaps you need refurbishment because your current building has been so well-used that things are getting worn out. That means that the church means a lot to a lot of people, and that is something to feel positive about. You are doing this church building fundraising to help move things in an upward direction, and there is no reason to feel scared or anxious.

Moods tend to be contagious, so the more upbeat you can stay about your church building fund raising, the better. Your energy and positivity about church building fund raising is bound to rub off on others, and once you have your entire group motivated, there's nothing you can't do with church building fund raising. Once you start to see this church building fund raising effort as an opportunity rather than a burden, you'll be heading toward success faster than you can ever imagine. Just like with any kind of sales, church building fund raising is all about attitude, so do your best to keep yours as positive as you possibly can, and remember that church building fund raising isn't always linear - you can weather the ups and downs and still come out ahead.