The times you share with your sorority sisters can be some of the most wonderful and memorable times in your college career. This is a time when you are learning to bond with other young women and to show support and help each other through all the fun and challenges of college. You want to come out of the experience with a positive feeling, knowing that your time with the sorority was everything it could have been.

Knowing that, you may worry about the fact that so many sororities are now relying on the power of fundraising in order to stay afloat. Chapters all over the country are struggling in this economy, and without the tremendous boost that fundraising provides, who knows what would happen to the traditions that sororities have so long upheld? If you are part of this years organizing team for the sorority fundraising effort, of course you might be anxious about what will happen if the fundraising doesn't go as well as you hoped. But don't think of it in terms of possible failure - rejoice in the fact that sorority fundraising gives such a clear road to success! It also gives your chapter the chance to prove to itself and to everyone else just how far a little teamwork and elbow grease can go.

Fundraising is a fantastic bonding exercise that can bring together young women from all walks of life, in pursuit of a common goal. It's more than just about making money, and in fact, once you feel the support of your fellow sisters as you work toward your target, you'll realize that meeting your financial goals is just a bonus, a side effect of what happens when motivated people use their energy and enthusiasm for something as worthwhile as sorority fundraising. When you have completed your sorority fundraiser activity, there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that yours is a chapter of young women equal to any challenge, and capable of helping themselves out even when the economy is rough.