Sometimes with fundraisers for church, it's all a huge effort. If you're fundraising for something like a new building, things can get complicated, and the stress of organizing it all can get the better of you. But what if you're just organizing for something small, maybe new robes for the choir or extra bibles for the sanctuary, and you need some easy fundraising ideas for church that can help you reach your moderate goals with a minimum of anxiety? We can definitely help you there, as we have a wide variety of easy fundraisers for church that are both high in profit, and easy to organize.

Scratch card fundraisers are probably the most straightforward of all the easy fundraisers for church, as there are no products to deal with, and everything you get back is profit. The way it works is that you simply order as many scratch cards as you need, pay for them up front, and then send them out with your fundraising team. Your supporters scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots, and the amount they uncover is the amount of their donation. This is one of the best fundraising ideas, because there's no delivery to worry about, and the profits are some of the highest for any of the easy fundraisers for church. Your church can make up to 90% on its initial investment, which is good to know if you're worried about profit.

Another way to organize easy fundraisers for church is to go with one of the classic easy fundraisers like chocolate bars. This is perfect for something like the youth group, and again, it's very easy to organize. You even have some choices, as you can select between brand names like Hershey's, or our traditional $1 chocolate bars, which are still one of the all-time favorites. These are very easy fundraisers for church, because chocolate practically sells itself, and you'll be reaching your fundraising goals before you know it.