Timing is everything in the fundraising business. Your group may have the best product, the best sales pitch and the best of intentions?but if you have the wrong timing your fundraiser will barely get off the ground. Look over the following tips before you start your next breast cancer fundraiser to make sure you have the right timing!

Cookie Dough: Although cookie dough is a year-round fundraiser, it is important to know a few things. Cookie dough is delivered about 2 ? weeks after it has been paid for by your group. If you are expecting it at a certain time, or for a certain event, check with your fundraising consultant to set up the right dates, and be sure to follow each deadline.

Holiday fundraisers: The holidays are a very busy fundraising time. If your group wants to have something to sell, or pass out for the holidays you should call your fundraising consultant and set up your fundraiser about 2 months in advance. Each holiday has different deadlines, so check in to make sure that you are meeting the requirements.

Seasonal Fundraisers: Flower bulbs and Go Green fundraisers are becoming more and more popular for breast cancer fundraising. The items are different, and environmentally friendly. However, because of the seasonal nature of the items, these fundraisers are only available in the fall and spring. Set up your fundraiser in January or late July/early August to make the most of your timing.

Cards: Selling or using cards for a breast cancer fundraiser is a great idea! Luckily, cards can be used year-round. There is usually a one-year expiration date on most cards, which is the only stipulation on timing for these products.