Long-time organizers of school fundraisers are very familiar with the old standbys. In fact, you yourself have probably had experiences, even from back when you were in school, of the classic school fundraisers like chocolate bars. Given how successful those chocolate bar fundraisers were, it probably won't surprise you to hear that even now, chocolate is one of the highest profit and most reliable fundraisers out there, and if it's your turn to organize the school fundraiser this year, it would certainly make sense to have school fundraiser chocolate on your list of ideas to consider seriously.

School fundraiser chocolate may seem like the oldest, most overdone trick in the book, but think about why this particular school fundraiser is still around. It's because it's so overwhelmingly popular! Like Girl Scout cookies, school fundraiser chocolate never goes out of style. You will never run out of people who love chocolate and are willing to buy some to support your cause.

The other major benefit to school fundraiser chocolate is that it's the one fundraiser that the kids are guaranteed to get excited about. They love it as much as your supporters do! In fact, if you can get permission for the kids to sell their school fundraiser chocolate on school grounds during lunch periods and after school, that may be the shortest road to success ever.

The reason that school fundraiser chocolate works so well is because you are offering a product that everyone loves, at a price they can afford. When you were a kid, do you remember how much the school fundraiser chocolate bars sold for? It was $1 each, wasn't it? That would be a crazy price by today standards, but guess what? Even today, those school fundraiser chocolate bars are still just $1! It's an even better bargain than it used to be. If you like the idea of brand name school fundraiser chocolate, we also have well-known names like Hershey's, with variety packs that sell for $2 a bar, and are significantly bigger than the $1 bars. It just depends on how you want to play it! You're sure to have a successful school fundraiser either way.