It doesn't matter if you are in charge of a small group and trying to raise a moderate amount of money, or organizing a larger group to help them raise a more significant amount, you are going to need some good ideas for school fundraisers in order to get your effort off the ground. You've come to the right place, because we have no shortage of fun and useful ideas for school fundraisers, and whether your goals are easy or ambitious, we're certain that we can help you find some great ideas for school fundraisers that will work for your group.

No doubt you have a pretty clear memory of the school fundraisers you did when you were in school yourself. There were the chocolate bars that sold for just $1, and the catalogue fundraisers. Well, guess what? Those fundraisers are still around, and they're still some of the most popular ideas for school fundraisers out there. And the best part of all: believe it or not, the chocolate bars are still $1! Pretty much everyone loves chocolate, so that is one of the best ideas for school fundraisers.

If you have decided, however, that you really do want to try something different, no worries whatsoever - we have ideas for school fundraisers that cover every possibility. There is a wide range of new and different ideas for school fundraisers, and many of them are ideas you probably haven't encountered before. For example, pizza cards are a fantastic idea for school fundraisers. The way it works is that supporters buy the card from you, they get a 2-for-1 deal at a local pizza place, and the school keeps up to 90% of the profit from the cards.

We can help you with all sorts of ideas for school fundraisers - just have a look through our school fundraisers pages, and start to get some thoughts about what sort of ideas for school fundraisers will work for you.