Many times your church may run small mission trips that only need a moderate amount of funding. Perhaps that money can come from the congregation, either through small donations, or maybe a candy fundraiser.

But when you're planning a more significant trip that will take a lot of funds, you may have to bring out the big fundraising guns in order to reach your target. Mission trip fundraising letters are a great way to reach people whom you already know are known for their generosity and enthusiasm for church efforts, and if you write your letter the right way, you might be surprised at what a great result you end up with.

Mission trip fundraising letters can be the ticket to the money your missionaries need to raise, but you need to be very careful how you go about constructing your letter. Proper tone and careful phrasing are essential, and you need to go through several drafts of the letter before sending it out. When you are working through the drafts of your mission trip fundraiser letters, read what you've written, and let others read it and give you constructive criticism.

Make notes, re-write, and try again. Do this until you're satisfied you have a letter that shows your group and your project in the best possible light. It's a good idea to try to keep mission trip fundraising letters as short as you can, without losing any important points. People don't want to read pages and pages of details; they just want to know what you are doing in simple terms, and how you expect them to help. Mission trip fundraising letters can be an art, but take your time and get it right, and you will have a fundraising tool that will perform beyond your wildest expectations. You may even find that people give more generously that you thought they would.