You may be here because this is your first time in a position of responsibility with fundraisers for schools, and if that's the case then you're probably wondering what sort of fundraisers you should be looking at. Many of your options will depend on how large a group you are working with (i.e. the size of your sales team, as it were), and of course other variables like how much money you want to raise and whom you expect to be selling to. There is certainly more than one right way to run a fundraiser, so your job now is just to learn all about the different fundraisers for schools, and then make a choice about which one is the one that suits your group best.

There are a few factors to determine what kind of fundraisers for schools you should consider. Obviously your financial target is the most important. We have all sorts of fundraisers for schools that operate with various profit margins and minimum order requirements, so you need to find one that matches the amount of money you hope to raise.

It is also important to take into account the size of your group, because this will help you see which fundraisers for schools make sense in your circumstances. If you are working with a fairly small group, then perhaps you should consider a high-profit fundraiser, and pizza cards would be a great choice for something like that.

Finally, think about your target market, the customers who will be supporting your cause. With certain fundraisers for schools, the products are aimed more toward the student market (candy bars, for instance). With other fundraisers for schools, the target market is more toward the adult end of the spectrum (our green catalogue fundraiser, for example). So the key is to balance all these factors against each other, and find the fundraisers for schools that make the most sense for your situation.