If your school is a bit tight on funding, and simply can’t afford the improvements that it needs right now, you may have thought about holding a school fundraiser that will get everybody involved in a good cause.

School fundraisers are great for many reasons, not least because they encourage students to work together and raise money for their school, meaning that your school’s upgrades will be able to be paid for sooner. At this early stage of planning, however, there is not much point in thinking about profits. You first need to come up with a great school fundraising idea that will appeal to everyone and send a positive message, and that’s where school sports fundraising comes in.

School sports fundraising is great because it gets all of the school’s students (and possibly even teachers) involved in fundraising whilst also promoting good health. You could choose from a number of different school sports fundraising events, like holding a sponsored walk or run, or canoeing up a local river to raise money. You could promote your school football team by holding a promotional bake sale in the school gymnasium.

There is no limit to the number of ideas for you to choose from here. Just using a bit of imagination can go a long way to making your school sports fundraising event a success. Of course, there is no point in running your school sports fundraising idea if it doesn’t appeal to the students at your school.

A great way to ensure that all of the students will want to get involved in your school sports fundraising event is simply by asking them. Perhaps after you have created a short list of school sports fundraising ideas, you could ask the students to vote on their favorite idea, and run with it.