Private school fundraising is a great way to get the students at your school involved in a good cause, and at the same time raise money which can go toward upgrades for the school or could simply go as a donation to a local charity.

Getting the students involved in private school fundraising will give them the opportunity to work together as a unit and support their school, and the support and attention your private school fundraising effort earns will reflect well on the school itself. The best way to pull off a truly successful private school fundraiser is by building a team of students who will act as a planning committee for the effort. You may want to gather around five or six eager students to help out in the planning of your fundraiser, and giving each one an individual role to be carried out.

Although you will be assigning these roles for your team, it is still your job to make sure that things goes without a hitch and that your team knows what they are doing. The students in your planning committee will probably have a good idea of what the other students would like to see in their private school fundraising, so you may like to let them decide on the core idea of your fundraiser.

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