When the time comes that you want to start thinking about some great church youth fundraising ideas for your church's youth group, you may not know where to begin. But with so many church youth groups relying on fundraising efforts to help them go on retreats and fund activities and functions, at some point you will need to come up with great church fundraising ideas.

If you want to discover the best church youth fundraising ideas for your youth group, you only have to go through a few simple steps. Mostly, you should focus your efforts on fundraising ideas that go well with your intended customers, and that also fit the size of your group and the amount of money you want to raise. We have a lot of exceptionally successful classic fundraisers like our catalogue fundraisers, which are still some of the best church youth fundraising ideas out there. Catalogue fundraisers come in so many different varieties you'll hardly believe it, and we even have some innovative ones like our Go Green fundraising catalogue that helps your supporters support the environment as well as your church's youth group.

Smaller groups who need to maximize their profits with their church youth fundraising ideas may want to try something like scratch card fundraisers. This is one of the most popular and highest-profit fundraising ideas around. All the kids have to do is carry the scratch cards around with them, ready for any fundraising opportunity. Each person scratches off 2 of 50 covered dots on the card, and the amount they uncover is the amount of their suggested donation. There are several card-based fundraising ideas out there, so if scratch cards don't sound appealing, you can check out our discount cards or pizza cards as well. No matter what your monetary goals are, our church youth fundraising ideas will help you toward success.