Preschool is a starting ground for many children. Here they learn many new things that will help them as they move into their elementary school years. There is a lot that is required for a preschool to run as successfully as it should. That is why coming up with a preschool fundraiser idea is a great idea. This will help the school be able to provide all the essential materials necessary for the preschool to run successfully.

Thinking Through Preschool Fundraising

There are many different ideas for preschool fundraising. Preschools can always sell candy, candles or cookie dough, which are all great fundraisers, but many preschools today are looking for different fundraising ideas. One great idea is for the preschool to hold a walk-a-thon. By holding a walk-a-thon everyone will benefit in so many ways. Instead of teaching the children at such a young age to eat candy and cookies, they will be able to be taught the concept of physical fitness.

The event can be held on one day, instead of taking a couple weeks to sell candy or a month to have a cookie dough fundraiser. If there is enough space at the school the walk-a-thon can be held by either walking laps around a track or around the school. Sponsoring a certain dollar amount per lap or simply making a lump sum donation are ways the donations can be made. Parent volunteers can address and stamp letters to mail out for donation requests or with a little online research you will find companies that allow this process to be handled completely online via email. Statistics show that donations are higher and more people are willing to donate if they have the ability to do so using a credit card.

On the day of the event, snacks and drinks can be provided buy using a small portion of the donations guaranteed or received to date. To make it a little more exciting you can always do contests for walking the most laps or for whoever raises the most money.

Preschool fundraisers help to provide for essentially the beginning of a child?s education. What is learned here can effect how many aspects of the rest of their life go Therefore, by participating in a preschool fundraiser, such as a walk-a-thon, you will be helping to teach the children life lessons that might otherwise be overlooked.