One way to maximize the benefit that you see from your school fundraiser is to run more than one fundraiser at the same time. Although this can complicate things on the organizational side, many groups find that the additional profits they see from having entire school fundraiser themes is well worth the small amount of hassle it takes to get it all put together. School fundraiser themes can range from the practical to the downright whimsical - it all depends on what kind of school fundraiser themes you were thinking exploring, and how far you're willing to go.

Sweet snacks are quite popular as school fundraiser themes among many school groups, especially if your target customers are going to be the students. You can organize school fundraiser themes like this with both direct sales and brochure sales, so there are all kinds of options there. We offer everything from Hershey's bars, to lollipops, to several different varieties of cookie dough. As far as school fundraiser themes go, this can be a great way to maximize profits quickly, as there aren't many people out there who are going to be able to resist school fundraiser themes full of their favorite treats.

The environment is one of those school fundraiser themes that is becoming more and more popular every year. As people increasingly start to go green, they want the products and services that can help them in their quest to be environmentally conscious. Earth friendly school fundraiser themes can include such popular fundraisers as flower bulbs, Smencil pencils made from recycled newspaper, and our increasingly successful Go Green catalog, which is packed full of fantastically organic, healthy, and earth friendly products. There's no reason you can't run all these school fundraisers alongside each other, making an entire school fundraiser theme of your commitment to environmental issues.