Your elementary school fundraiser is about to take off, and there are just a few more things to remember ? more important than the paperwork and money. The most important thing to remember when doing a fundraiser with children is that the cause is worth it! In the meantime, remember the following tips:

Set a goal ? both as a group, and for individuals; groups that set goals usually reach and exceed them. Groups without a focus tend to come up short on the amount they are trying to raise.

Look ahead ? if your fundraising items need to be delivered before a certain event, or by a certain date, check with your fundraising consultant about shipping times. Keep in mind that most shipping issues are unavoidable ? so plan ahead!

Keep everyone informed ? send home notes and flyers before, THROUGHOUT and toward the end of your fundraiser to remind parents and children about important dates.

Don?t leave anything to the imagination ? explain how the fundraiser works to the children before you pass it out. Explain to them again once it is in their hands. Let them ask questions, and be prepared to repeat your answers. Then send a note home, explaining it to the parents?don?t give anyone the chance to say, ?I just didn?t know.?

Make a sales pitch ? even the loudest child will become shy around an adult. Help them by giving them a sample of what to say when asking people to purchase fundraising items.

Be flexible ? chances are there will be a snag somewhere in your well-thought-out plans. Every elementary school fundraiser has its own set of issues?handle them with as much grace as you can muster?it?s for a good cause, after all.

Safety is more important that a sale ?remind children and parents not to sell items door-to-door in a neighborhood that is unfamiliar.

Even the smallest group needs encouragement, which is the last elementary school fundraising tip. Make sure each child knows that you are proud of the work and effort that they put into helping the group.