#1 ? Keep it simple.

--If you are working with young children then you will need to find a fundraiser that will be easy for them to explain. Find a program with limited prices, and if possible, one that they can sell directly. The less interaction they have to do with the customers is usually, the better. Fundraisers like the Money Savings card or pizza cards work will, or the $10 Cookie Dough.

#2 ? Be excited.

--You and I both know that elementary school fundraisers are not the highlight of the year?but they don?t. If you decide that you are going to be excited about the upcoming program, they will be excited with you. Make your fundraiser a big deal.

#3 ? Repeat yourself. Twice.

--This may come as a shock, but kids do not always listen. When you are explaining your elementary school fundraising idea to a group of students, be prepared to repeat. Come prepared to be patient. You will likely be asked a question that you just answered, and then asked again in about 5 minutes. Repetition is the key. The more times they hear it, even those who are listening, the more it will sink in.

#4 ? Be encouraging.

--Not every student will be able to sell 27 items in the first day. Make sure to praise those who do, and be uplifting for those who do not. Let them know that you are proud of whatever they can do to help. Prizes are not always the best system, but pride is. When a child knows that their pride is on the line they will go the extra mile to make you proud.

#5 ? Inform parents.

-- Send out letters, emails and texts ? whatever it takes to make sure that parents understand what it going on. As much as little Johnny may want to participate in the fundraiser, he cannot carry 4 boxes of cookie dough home on the bus. Make parents aware of deadlines, costs, and delivery dates. The more informed the parents, the better the elementary school fundraiser will turn out.