If you are trying to do a fundraiser for your team during the most hectic season there is a good chance that you are having a hard time. Doing a team fundraiser can be tiring as it is, but if you add tons of events on top of that, it can seem next to impossible. But it is not. Look over the following tips for doing a successful fundraiser with your team.

Encouragement ? Just like you would cheer from the bleachers, your team needs encouragement throughout their fundraiser. Balancing school work, practice, games schedules, social life, AND a team fund raiser can be a challenge. Let players know that you support them, and that you know they can do it!

Goals ? Teams work well with goals. If they know what to aim for, what the objective is, it is much easier to obtain. The same goes with fundraising. Set a goal for your team. Decide how many products each person is responsible for selling in order to reach that goal. Making goals makes fundraising more attainable; the groups that set goals often reach them.

Deadlines ? With everything that they have going on it is important to repeat important dates for your team. Let them know about upcoming deadlines, when and where to turn money and orders in and how much you expect of them. Put up posters, send out emails, make phone calls ? keep them informed and you are more likely to have a great team fundraiser.