If you are trying to raise money for a church goal that requires a substantial amount, there are several ways you could go about it. You could organize some church fundraiser products, such as things you can sell after church or out in the community to try to bring in some money for your church fundraiser effort. That alone may not bring in enough, so there's also the possibility that you could host a church event where you could sell tickets and raise some money in that way. But there's another idea, too - you could take the time to write some church fundraising letters to mail out to appropriate people, and you may be able to get some more substantial help in that way.

Writing church fundraiser letters is not that difficult, but that doesn't mean you should just bluff your way through it. It needs to be more than just your initial thoughts. Work on your church fundraiser letters over several drafts, ask others to read them to make sure they make sense, and if you know someone who is a good editor, that would be a fantastic person to look over your church fundraiser letters. You want to make sure that your church fundraising letters make the best impression possible.

Keep your church fundraiser letters as succinct as possible without leaving out any relevant information. Be clear and concise. Being polite and appreciative is important, too. Greet the recipients of your church fundraiser letters, let the people know exactly what the church is up to these days, and and be clear about the help you need and how they can contribute. Make things as pleasant and easy for your supporters as possible, and always use the last part of any church fundraiser letters to thank people for their time and generosity toward the church.