If you are in charge of your church fundraising effort, you can go about this from several angles. You can organize some church fundraising products, such as things you can sell after church or out in the community to try to bring in some money for your fundraiser. There's also the possibility that you could host a church event where you could sell tickets and raise some money in that way.

But there's another idea, too - you could write some church fundraiser letters to mail out to the members of the congregation, or hand out at the end of services, and let the community that the church serves know that the church needs its help.

Writing church fundraising letters is not that difficult, but you do want to take the time to do it right. Do not just jot down a first draft and think it is good enough. Revise your church fundraising letters as much as you need to, ask others to read them and give you pointers, and if you know someone who is a good editor, get them to give your church fundraising letters a once-over, as well. You want to come across as politely, articulately, and succinctly as possible in order for your church fundraising letters to give the best impression.

You don't want to ramble on in church fundraising letters - anything more than a page is probably too much. On the other hand, you don't want to go straight for the money in the first sentence, either. Greet the recipients of your church fundraising letters, let the people know exactly what the church is up to these days, and one of those things happens to be fundraising, which is something they could help with. Keep the tone as warm and friendly as possible, and always use the last part of any church fundraising letters to thank people for their time and consideration for your cause.