Lots of individuals and groups need to raise money. But what are the best fundraising ideas? Below we have created a list of our top 10 fundraising ideas for you to consider:

1. Discount Card Fundraising: Discount cards are great fundraisers because they offer your customers great value. You basically go out and get 10 or 12 local merchants to agree to advertise for free on the back of a discount card you are creating. You have the card created and printed and then sell the cards for $10 each. You make a lot of money, the merchants get a lot of traffic and the card holder gets some great deals. This is a great fundraising idea.

2. Cookie Dough Fundraising: Everyone loves freshly baked cookies which makes selling cookie dough so easy. You sell using a brochure and collect your money when pre selling. At the end of your sale you place a bulk order and you can use the money you collect during your sale.

3. Candy Fundraising: Most people have been approached to buy a candy bar before. The odds are good you bought one or more for a couple of bucks. Candy has been one of the easiest fundraising ideas for years and will continue to be as long the price of a candy bar is affordable.

4. Car Washes: Lots of groups hold car washes to raise money. You've most likely seen the kids jumping up and down flashing their signs trying to get you to stop and let them wash your car. Many advertise the car wash as being free and simply ask or donations. Some groups may make a lot of money doing these but the feedback we've gotten is that adult seems to do most of the work and the amount raised sometimes is disappointing based on the effort required.

5. Gift Catalogs: Seasonal shoppers or gift catalogs have been used by school and large groups for years. You basically sell seasonal gifts from a catalog much the way you sell cookie dough. The best time of year for gift catalogs is the early fall when people will buy Christmas and other holiday gifts from you. They get an easy place to shop and you make the money you need.

6. Donations: Lots of groups have opted away from selling products and simply ask people to donate money. There are lots of online resources that can help with making the donation process easier. The major benefit is that there is no cost and your group gets all of the money given.

7. Lollipop Sales: People sometimes dismiss selling lollipops because they are so cheap. But it is the price point that makes lollipops so attractive for raising money. You can purchase lollipops in just about any shape and flavor so sports groups can get sports shaped lollipops, etc. Most groups purchase lollipops for $.25 and sell them for $.50 so they double their money on every lollipop sold.

8. Green Fundraisers: With so many people wanting to be eco friendly there are now many options available to sell green products for pre sell fundraisers. In fact one of the best fundraising products is now selling flower bulbs. You can make 50% profit or more and not have any risk while at the same time offering a product right for the times.

9. Spaghetti Dinner: In the old days these worked extremely well and can work well know especially for churches or schools. Try to combine the dinner with another event that will be well attended and then offer a spaghetti dinner for a reasonable price. Get volunteers to cook and serve the meal. PTA's might offer a dinner like this before a PTA meeting.

10. Fundraising Scratch Cards: These scratch cards have been designed by fundraising companies to help you raise money through donations. Basically you give each person in your group a scratch card that has 50 concealed dots. You get people to scratch off 2 dots to determine a suggested donation amount. In return for the donation the donor is given a sheet of valuable coupons as thank you gifts.

While there are tons of different fundraising ideas these are our top 10 fundraising ideas to consider today.